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Chicago United produces the Business Leaders of Color publication biennially to spotlight diverse executive talent in the Chicago area. As we prepare to launch our next issue, we invite you to help us identify the next group of outstanding leaders of color. We encourage you to review the diverse talent in your organization, in your network of business associates, and in the corporate and/or civic boards on which you serve. Upon identifying business leaders of color who meet the criteria, please submit their names and contact information for nomination for Chicago United's Business Leaders of Color publication.


As a nominator, it is understandable that you might not be able to provide all the required information needed to describe a nominee’s background and expertise. It is acceptable to make a nomination and not provide the supporting background materials or to provide only a portion of the supporting materials. Chicago United will inform the nominee of his or her nomination, showing your name as the nominator, and will request the required data to be considered for this honor.

It is extremely important that the final package be as complete as possible. Please consider that the screening and rating committees are made up of professionals from the Chicago metropolitan area. While a nominee may be well known in the Chicago area, he/she may not be known as well in the outlying suburbs or vice versa. Resumes and biographies can be provided and the information does not need to be restated on the nomination form. However, it is essential that all questions on the nomination form be answered in their entirety within the information submitted.

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